Adding and Ordering Fields


Once you have created your form you will find yourself at Step 1 of the form creation wizard.

Adding Fields

To add fields to your form, click the big 'plus' button at the bottom of your form:


You can also add ready-made fields from the menu on the left, accessible via the button. Drag a field onto your form to add it.

A ready made field is one that we have pre-mapped for you and one that offers different field types beyond the basic fields available under the 'plus' button. Ready made fields include things such as a date picker, a rating scale (great for surveys) and an option to add all the fields you'd need to capture someone's address in one go.

Ordering Fields

You can drag and drop the fields you've already added to change the order they will appear in.


The same is also true of the options underneath a particular dropdown or checkbox.

Adding Options to a Dropdown, Multiple Choice or Checkbox


Once you have added a field that is a dropdown, multiple choice or checkbox, you will see an button to 'Add Option' to this field. Click this to add an option, you can then also rename and delete those options and reorder them.

Removing a Field / Marking as required


Look to the right of each field to edit the field name, mark it as required, or remove the field.

On to designing your form...