View Analytics for a Form

Click the button under My Forms.

The Analytics page displays:

  • Submissions by Date. A graph of form submissions by date.
  • Visits. The amount of visits your form has received. Multiple visits from one device over 24 hours (12am-11.59pm) will be logged as one visit.
  • Submissions. The number of times your form has been submitted.
  • Conversion rate. This tells you what percentage of visitors completed and submitted your form.
  • Incomplete. The number of visitors’ incomplete forms. This is the number of forms that have been started by visitors, but have not been completed, and have not been submitted. If this number is high, perhaps consider the length of your form. People are lazy.
  • Average completion time. This is the average amount of time it takes a visitor to complete and submit a form.
  • Geography. This displays the percentage of visits to your form from visitors in different countries and cities around the world.
  • Traffic Sources. This shows you the website your form was accessed from by a visitor.
  • Device Type. This tells you whether your visitors used a computer, a tablet or a mobile to access your form.