With CreateForm and SendPulse, collecting subscribers is easy.

How to use CreateForm to add subscribers to your SendPulse mailing list.

You can use any form you create with CreateForm to send subscribers to your SendPulse account.

It's quite simple, just follow these steps. (If you've already created a form, jump straight to step 3).

1. Create your form - no coding required

Create your form like you normally would, and add all the fields you want. There's no need to know code.

Create your form - no coding required

2. Brand your form

Make sure it looks nice by choosing one of our great templates and customizing it with your brand.

Brand your form

3. Sync your form to SendPulse

Connect the form to your SendPulse account and you can then map which fields go where - we even make it easier for you by mapping fields on your behalf which you can then review.

Sync your form to SendPulse

4. Get Subscribers!

Share your form around and every submission will go straight into SendPulse as a new subscriber to your designated e-mail list.

Get Subscribers!

"With CreateForm I was able to build my own enquiry form for my website, plus the analytics it provides helped me adjust my form to increase the amount of submissions I receive"

- Madeleine
Professional Organizer

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